Labradorite Stone | a glorious and magical gemstone with healing powers

A colorful stone which is called Labradorite

Labradorite stone is a feldspar mineral. It is a crystal stone with colors ranging from yellow to grey-blue, green, and brown. This shiny beautiful stone first was discovered in Canada, the Labrador region. It also could be found in Norway, Finland, and other regions in the world. Some countries that mine and distribute this stone include Madagascar, Australia, China, Slovakia, and the USA.

Labradorite forms in mafic igneous rocks, among olivine, pyroxenes, amphiboles, and magnetite. Labradorite can produce an iridescent optical effect known as labradorscence. This type of reflection is not simply a reflection on the surface, but light enters the stone, strikes a twinning surface within the stone, and reflects from it to produce colorful lights.

Because of its special features, labradorite stone is believed to have some unusual energies and healing powers. These powers include transformation, improving psychic abilities, strengthen the will, stimulating imagination, protection from negativity, and calming. In the following article, we will introduce Labradorite stone and its believed healing powers in detail.

Physical properties of Labradorite stone

Labradorite is a mineral in the plagioclase series and shares many properties of these minerals. However, it is the only one in this series that exhibits strong labradorscence. It should be noted this phenomenon is not a general property of this stone, so many specimens of labradorite don’t exhibit it. Because of this, distinguishing it from other members of the series could be difficult.
To resolve this problem and making sure that stones are Labradorite, professionals use x-ray diffraction, chemical analysis, optical tests, and determine specific gravity. Because this stone is one of the most popular stones since its magical effects and has a huge demand, identifying it made so important
Labradorite stone is a highly sought-after gemstone that has many uses in jewelry. It has also some uses in glass production, road construction, and ceramic manufacturing. Because it is colorful and presents a variety of colors, it could be used in many items in jewelry production. Besides, it is known as a lucky stone, which makes it a great gemstone to wear and carry around.

Geological Properties of Labradorite stone

As we mentioned earlier, Labradorite is a member of plagioclase minerals. These minerals are feldspars that range from pure albite to pure anchorite. It contains 50-70% calcium to 30-50% sodium structure. Labradorite is the most well-known stone from this series for its brilliant flashes of color that is called labradossence. Because Labradorite contains various layers that could absorb light and reflect it, you can see extra colors when light is reflected through it. A rare variety of labradorite that is mainly found in Norway and Finland called spectrolite, displays a richer spectrum of colors.

Labradorite stone as a Gemstone

Labradorite is a beautiful stone that is very popular as a gemstone. Because of its play-of-color, it is preferred to many gemstones. As we mentioned earlier, the quality, hue, and brilliance might vary from one specimen to another. However, stones with exceptional color are usually called spectrolite.
This stone is rarely used in the mass production of jewelry. Designers and jewelers most likely use it to produce unique and custom works. As we mentioned earlier, many specimens of this stone would not produce labradorsence because of their internal structure. Instead, these specimens could be used as popular gemstones for their beautiful colors. For example, one specimen of labradorite could be classified as sunstone which contains copper or other minerals in a common orientation.
Because Labradorite stone has two internal directions that break together, it might be subject to breaking when it is used in jewelry that would receive pressure. That means it could break more easily than other gemstones like rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and diamonds. With this property, it is mostly used to create drop earrings or beaded dangles for necklaces rather than bracelets or rings that should carry more pressure.
Larger pieces of labradorite stone that provide a full spectrolite are used mostly as a gemstone in necklaces, as they provide colorful light when moved. Because of their range of colors which contain yellow, green, and blue, these gemstones are mostly used among green, and blue framed gold pieces of jewelry.

Labradorite stone and metaphysical powers

Labradorite stone is believed to offer some metaphysical powers. That powers are obviously linked to its labradorscene effect that we talked about already. Because this stone provides a spectrum of colorful lights, it is accepted that it offers some unusual powers to its user. These powers are different and people might use them for various reasons. In the following, we will introduce these believed powers. Sometimes it is also called “magical stone”, as it provides some magical lights and a unique visual experience.
It is believed that labradorite stone offers healthy power to third eye chakra, throat chakra, and crown chakra. So, it might be used in meditation to provide better self-awareness. Because it provides a range of colors, it also is believed that it helps the user to allow destiny and being open to change. If you want to explore these beliefs about the metaphysical powers of labradorite, you can read them in the following.

Transformation and self-discovery

Labradorite stone contains several colors at the same time. This feature, including its labradorscene phenomenon, make it a very special stone or gemstone that is believed to provide some metaphysical powers. Its first metaphysical power is that it helps the user to allow one’s destiny and make peace with oneself. It’s believed to result in changes, and bringing together all aspects of one’s personality, including mental, intuitive, psychic, and mystical, and magical aspects.
It is believed that the vibration of this stone will help the user to find a path through uncomfortable changes that occur as a result of the awareness of the self’s destiny. This stone’s energy might also provide the strength that is needed to discover fate. So, it will help you to embrace changes that are in your destiny and you are not seeking them whether because of the lack of awareness or the lack of strength. Whatever the reason, this magical stone helps you to overcome it and know what exactly your destiny is.
It is believed that labradorite stone invites us to become more adventurous by making peace with ourselves. It somehow protects the user when s/he tries to enter the dark. Because it provides many energies and helps us to open our chakras, it could be used also a protective element. In general, labradorite helps us to have a balanced life, which is also known as the stone of balance. Some also believe it helps the user to understand that dualities and polarities are one energy that is expressed in two different extremes.

Labradorite stone’s healing powers

Labradorite stone is believed to have two main characteristics: magic and protection. These features are present in this stone in various degrees, which make this stone a great protector against misfortunes and negativity. However, it is considered to be helpful in the following manners:

  • Protection from inside and outside
  • Removing debris from previous disappointments and insecurities
  • Treats eye disorder
  • Regulates blood and low pressure
  • Increases faith and trust
  • Heal withing wounds
  • Enhances self-determination
  • Sharpens psychic abilities
  • Removes self-doubts, fears, discouragements, and depressions
  • Believed to be a magnet of good luck
  • Empowers and develop spiritual growth
    As you can see, a lot of healing powers are associated with labradorite stone, which is mostly related to its protection and magic characteristics.

Labradorite stone and feelings

It is believed that labradorite stone helps the user to understand unconscious and subconscious patterns that generate unpleasant emotional states. That helps the user to become clearly aware of beliefs, self-talk, and ego influence on her/his habitual and emotional state. So it is believed that this stone helps the user to get better self-awareness. With these features, it might be a great choice when you are in the process of reinventing yourself.
Labradorite supports the user in understanding previously hidden aspects of her/his life and also helps to understand the patterns and causes behind these aspects. It is also a great tool to remove fears, insecurities, and psychic debris from previous disappointments, even if they have remained from your past lives. It also strengthens trust in the universe and faith in the self, as well as removing other people’s projections. Labradorite stone is a great companion when you are trying to apply changes in your life.

Labradorite stone and the mind

It is believed that labradorite is a philosopher’s stone that helps the user to examine the weaknesses of her/his mind. It helps the user to gain interior knowledge and wisdom. It increases intelligence in the user to understand concepts better and would be helpful for study. It is also very great for contemplation and delivers the user the power to see life in its vast scope. When the user wants to find answers for her/his questions, s/he can gaze into this stone to imagine or visualize answers.

Labradorite stone might also be useful in business. Users can simply bring it to the workplace to find new profitable ways. It also calms over-active minds and helps its user to concentrate more easily on the subjects and ideas. It is a useful tool to increase analytical skills and rationality in the user.

Labradorite stone and the Spirit

As we mentioned earlier, labradorite is linked to the third eye chakra, throat chakra, and crown chakra, which make it an amazing assistant in moving between realities and connecting with unseen realms. It is especially useful for magical and ritual activities and works as psychic protection for those who travel to other levels of reality.
Labradorite stone helps you to understand better your inner light, as it provides various colors just like this stone. It also helps you to become more aware of your consciousness and spiritual practice, which makes it a great stone for those who are interested in metaphysics. It might be used for meditation, psychic development, spiritual awareness, and lucid dreaming. It is also helpful in decreasing unwanted energies from the aura and also prevents energy leakage. As we mentioned earlier, it is also a great protector and barrier to negative energies that could be absorbed during meditation and therapy. In short, it will connect your awareness with universal energies, which makes the user open to understanding the secrets of the universe.

Labradorite stone uses

Labradorite is a gemstone that could be used on various types of jewelry. Its cuts are used in various pieces of jewelry such as:

  • Labradorite necklaces
  • Labradorite pendants
  • Labradorite rings
  • Labradorite bracelet

Practicers of Reiki could wear a labradorite ring or bracelet when try to send energy, which makes the process more fruitful.
Labradorite pendants are very helpful to increase and stimulate the gift of psychic hearing. This type of earrings is also helpful in the development of telepathic and prophetic gifts. So if you want to make progress in your metaphysical practices, wearing these earrings could help you a lot.
Besides its particular uses, labradorite stone is generally a means to achieve more self-awareness, which makes it a great gift even for those who don’t believe in metaphysical activities. It is also a beautiful gemstone that almost catches everyone’s eye.

Last words

Labradorite is a rare stone that was first discovered in the Labrador region, Canada. Because under the radiation of light, it reflects various lights ranging from yellow to orange, blue, green, and brown. This phenomenon is called labradorscence, which is somehow similar to the northern light phenomenon. Because of this unique function, people who experience it believe that it contains some magical or metaphysical powers. These powers are first and foremostly self-reflective, meaning they are great sources for self-awareness
Labradorite stone is believed to provide self-awareness and courage for the user. It helps its user to see unseen levels of reality that could not be seen otherwise. For those who believe in energies and chakra, it is a reliable source to open crown, third-eye, and throat chakras. That means it is a great source of energy especially for intelligence and spiritual activities. It helps the user to achieve the meaning of her/his own life.

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